Carambola tower

This 220-meter-high, 123,000-square-meter tower owes its unusual silhouette to carambola, the star-shaped fruit of a tree growing in Southeast Asia.

The concept of Carambola is based on reducing the area of ​​the underground surfaces, in order to reduce construction costs and transfer parking spaces directly to the apartments for the comfort of residents.

A shopping center, private clinic and health center will be located in the center of the building. The two floors of the upper level will be dedicated to swimming pools, fitness centers, spas and panoramic restaurants. A cinema, a theater, a casino and a nursery will be located in the peripheral base of the building.

The highest branch of the star will become a luxury hotel with access to restaurants, swimming pools and the helipad. The smallest is dedicated to offices with an open terrace integrated into the roof. The three remaining branches of the tower will be used for luxury apartments ranging from 180 to 250 m² with the possibility of creating a duplex in the upper part of the building.

Project type
Multifunctional tower
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123000 m 2
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