The project has 10 apartments. 

To the north, building n°2, with two apartments, one per level with a roof terrace, facing the sea according to the main lines and pre-existing platforms of the land. It is wedged precisely between the access ramp and the significant drop leading to the green area below.

This building seeks to define simple, rectilinear volumes, creating big shadows on the bay windows. This general layout makes a horizontal line which rests on the large wall of pre-existing terraces, made with Cyclopean stones, and at the same time becomes a planted layer, creating a parallel line which emphasizes and limits the classified vegetation below.


This contemporary styled project consists of the creation of two R + 2 buildings comprising 21 apartments, ranging from studios to T4 and the construction of an infinity pool.

The project is integrated into the land in such a way as to minimize the impact on the landscape and to preserve the existing plantations as much as possible.

Residence Eugenie

The collective housing project was developed taking into account the characteristics of the landscape, surrounding buildings and town planning standards. Having for the location the outskirts of Villefranche-sur-Mer, the objective was to rewrite the entrance to the city.

The set consists of 48 R + 3 housing units including a share of social, fully integrated into the entire building.

Villa Firenze

This project of 18 luxury apartments, is located in a quiet area open to the sea. 

33 parking spaces have naturally found their place in the basement covered by the terraces of the Ground floor. The play of materials, textures and metallic frames gives the building a contemporary look.