Mixed program

The project consists of the construction of a building on 3 levels on a plot bordered by the road on one side and by the railway on the other. The mixed program includes social collective housing, offices, multipurpose hall, town hall annex and the post office. The project takes into account the constraints induced by the retaining wall of Avenue de la Liberté, the constraints related to the recommendations of the SNCF and those related to the tunnel passing nearby.

Hotel Bahia ****

The project will consist in complete renovation of a hotel and its 60 rooms, as well as of its restaurant and rooftop swimming pool to bring it up to the current standards. The interactive facade is made up with windows that are transformed into balconies overlooking the sea.

Le Partage

The project consists of the transformation of an industrial storage space into a tapas bar while keeping the initial style (high ceilings, raw finishes, simple and practical furniture in wood and metal).

The program includes the development of different areas dedicated to different drinks, including the VIP zone with independent access. The project considers the constraints induced by the acoustic demands as well as the recommendations of the instructor services related to the standards of accessibility and fire safety.

Carambola tower

This 220-meter-high, 123,000-square-meter tower owes its unusual silhouette to carambola, the star-shaped fruit of a tree growing in Southeast Asia.

The concept of Carambola is based on reducing the area of ​​the underground surfaces, in order to reduce construction costs and transfer parking spaces directly to the apartments for the comfort of residents.

A shopping center, private clinic and health center will be located in the center of the building. The two floors of the upper level will be dedicated to swimming pools, fitness centers, spas and panoramic restaurants. A cinema, a theater, a casino and a nursery will be located in the peripheral base of the building.

The highest branch of the star will become a luxury hotel with access to restaurants, swimming pools and the helipad. The smallest is dedicated to offices with an open terrace integrated into the roof. The three remaining branches of the tower will be used for luxury apartments ranging from 180 to 250 m² with the possibility of creating a duplex in the upper part of the building.

Corniche Azur

The project consists of renovating, expanding and bringing the hotel and restaurant into compliance with accessibility regulations.

To do this, the part of the restaurant is to be redeveloped and an extension is planned above it in order to provide the hotel and the restaurant with a real homogeneous facade. An extension on the western part of the plot is to be created to accommodate additional bedrooms.

In order to have a harmonious architecture, all the buildings will be treated in a “Niçois style” with openings that are taller than wider, windows with muntins and shutters with louvers and balconies with iron borders.

A swimming pool is also to be created.

Les Terrasses d’Eze

The project consisted of the total renovation and meeting the standards of accessibility and fire safety for the 4 * hotel,  comprising 87 rooms, 2 restaurants, 3 conference rooms, an outdoor swimming pool and 2 tennis courts. 

The construction works, which lasted 18 months, also included the extension of the two suites as well as the creation of a SPA with an indoor swimming pool.

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