Villa The Cliff

The project consists of the construction of a private villa with garage and swimming pool overlooking a cliff. 

In order to promote its integration into the wide landscape and the slope, the location of the construction, below the level of the road, is integrated into the rocks to limit the earthworks to what is strictly necessary and the roof terraces are vegetated.

Villa Bella Vista

The project consists of the construction of a house for residential use on 3 levels.

The project will be located in the upper part of the land to limit earthworks, limit soil waterproofing, provide a view of the large landscape and develop a garden with trees to the south.

Villa You are so

The project is a villa suspended by steel cables with 4 large arches. At their peaks -photovoltaic panels that make it self-sufficient in energy consumption.

Integrated sunshades regulate temperature and sunlight.

The suspended concept does not alter the land under the house and allows it to be converted into a garden. The green roof also provides thermal comfort and a mass of inertia.

The entrance platform slides under the house, providing occupants with increased security in the evening or when they are traveling.

With these 125 m² of living space, this house feels like a large suite in a luxury hotel … with its own swimming pool.

Villa Diagonal

The villa with its modern forms has been integrated into a wooded landscape. The green roof removes the boundaries between nature and the architectural elements designed by man. The indoor swimming pool completes this small architectural ensemble.

Villa Bellevue

The project consists of the creation of an extension on two levels serving as a link between the two existing volumes of the property, as well as the creation of a swimming pool. 

In order to give the villa a more contemporary look and to widen the openings, the sloping roof is replaced with a green terrace roof with integrated skylights.

Villa de l’Ermitage

The project consists of creating two modern villas.

The facades will be plastered in light tones and clad in the center with a stone cladding in gray tones to blend into the surrounding landscape.

Each villa will have an indoor pool for swimming in all seasons of the year.

The garden will be planted with Mediterranean species.

Castle of Aiguetta

The property of the Aiguetta Castle originally consisted of a 14 hectares park on which stood a farmhouse dating from before 1874. At the start of the 20th century, the house was enlarged to result in a disproportionate building resembling a medieval castle. At the time the construction developed on 5 levels, completed with several types of towers and elements of different architectural styles. 

After having been abandoned for decades, the property underwent initial modifications in the early 2000s, degrading its original appearance.

The project consists in complete renovation of the castle while respecting its architectural characteristics of medieval style, and integrating in a subtle and localized way modern and discreet elements of glass and steel. These interventions are manifested by the creation of a monumental staircase surmounted by a glass roof, leading to the roof. A swimming pool will also be created and incorporated into the building.

The part of the park unfolding in front of the main facade, which is to this day deserted and abandoned, will be replanted and the access road will be upgraded and reintegrated into the landscape

Villa Miroir

The project consists of the construction of a two-storey house with an integrated garage.

 The inside planning of the building is broken down into three volumes. The first, to the north-west, corresponds to the space of the bedrooms and rises over two floors. It has a terrace overlooking the garden. The second houses the living room. This part connects the parking lot to the garden. Finally, the third volume is dedicated to the garage and the kitchen.

A mirror pool fits perfectly into this project.

Villa The blue roof

The project consists of restructuring and renovating the interior of an existing villa, remodeling the interior to gain openness to the exterior spaces and the sea. 

The materials and decorative elements have been chosen to energize the space and create accentuated perspectives towards viewpoints or works of art. The spirit is contemporary while respecting the atmosphere of a vacation home.

Villa Belle Epoque

The project consists in modifying the house’s initial style granted on the first building permit by providing a balance of facades and a set of more elaborate moldings to accentuate the Belle Epoque style.

The garden and the landscape set have also been adapted to this style.

The materials used are of luxury quality throughout the project and give an exceptional and unique character to this property.